The Weatherization Assistant (NEAT/MHEA)

The Weatherization Assistant is a family of easy-to-use but advanced energy audit computer programs that identify the cost-effective energy-efficiency retrofit measures for a home after taking into account local weather conditions, retrofit measure costs, fuel costs, and specific construction details of the home. The Weatherization Assistant is designed specifically to help states and local weatherization agencies implement the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Weatherization Assistance Program, although it is also used by utilities and other home energy professionals. The Weatherization Assistant is a Windows-based software package and is currently composed of two programs: the National Energy Audit Tool (NEAT) for site-built single-family homes and the Manufactured Home Energy Audit (MHEA) for mobile homes. A third program addressing small multifamily buildings is planned for the future. Click on the links below to download or learn more about the Weatherization Assistant:

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