Evaluations of the DOE WIPP and SERC Programs

DOE sponsored the evaluation of two major, unique grant programs administered by the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) during the period of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).

  • Weatherization Innovation Pilot Program (WIPP)—$30 million was competitively awarded to 16 grantees under WIPP to demonstrate innovative approaches to weatherizing income-eligible single-family and multifamily homes that were relatable to and in compliance with the WAP mission and guidelines. The WIPP grant resulted in a better understanding of the challenges associated with innovative energy efficiency technologies, the use of volunteers, financing mechanisms and incentives, and combining weatherization with a “green and healthy homes” focus to be considered for adoption by WAP, and the importance of piloting these innovations to ensure compatibility and alignment with WAP goals and mission.
  • Sustainable Energy Resources for Consumers (SERC) grant program—This program awarded a total of $90 million to 101 high-performing local weatherization agencies in 27 states to install in homes eligible for traditional WAP services additional renewable energy and advanced energy efficiency measures that are not typically installed through WAP. SERC demonstrated that the national weatherization network is capable of installing and delivering a wide range of new and innovative renewable energy and energy efficiency measures and services, but the usability and adoptability of some technologies may prove impractical for the WAP network and the demographics for which it serves.

Results from each evaluation are documented in separate reports that are provided below.


We want to thank the many people who helped make these evaluations possible, including: the grantees and local weatherization agencies that completed surveys, hosted site visits of their projects, and engaged in informative discussions throughout the grant cycles; the utility companies that provided billing histories; and the weatherization recipients who participated in interviews and provided invaluable feedback

Project Team

ORNL performed the evaluations using data collected by APPRISE, the Energy Center of Wisconsin, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, and Howard Katzman Building Performance Consulting.

Final Reports

  1. Evaluation of the US Department of Energy Weatherization Innovation Pilot Program (2010-2014). ORNL/TM-2017/245. View Here
  2. Assessment of the US Department of Energy’s Sustainable Energy Resources for Consumers Grant Program. ORNL/TM-2017/703.View Here


Mark Ternes, Program Manager